About Us

Warehouse Services is a locally owned, family operated, aftermarket wholesaler. We are a company with humble beginnings that has become what we have due to our loyal client base and amazing staff.

Warehouse Services has remained a wholesale operation that services our clients with the best products and the greatest service available. We strive to create value and make a difference for our clients, and serve others as we would like to be served.

WSI currently has 7 locations in Alberta: Calgary Camrose, Edmonton North, Edmonton South, Sherwood Park, Leduc, and Lloydminister. We have the buying power to provide our customers with
competitive prices and an outstanding inventory. Over the years we have expanded into ACDelco and many other top quality lines to ensure that our clients are provided with the parts they both need and want.

WSI will never be a static company, we will continue to change and grow as fast as the aftermarket industry is. We will continue to nurture and develop industry leading programs for our clients that will continue to bring you the highest value possible for your dollar.

WSI continually invests into the automotive aftermarket. We are an active member of the AIA, sponsor the WSI Award at N.A.I.T. for highest achievement in the 2nd year Service Technician Program, and we also raise money for the Rick Gibson Memorial Award for Parts Technicians at N.A.I.T. WSI invests in the future of the industry in these ways, as well as our clients through our training devision.

This year we were honored to be awarded the 2011 Jobber of the Year, this award is the highest accolade appointed to a business in this industry. With all of our stiff competition, this award truly sets us apart from our competitors. We would like to thank our clients for nominating us for what we do on a daily basis and for recognizing that we put our clients first each and everyday.